Banda izolatoare pentru cabluri rezistenta la caldura


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Banda izolatoare pentru cabluri rezistenta la caldura, banda din material textil pentru izolarea cablurilor auto, rezistenta la apa si izolare fonica. Este ideală pentru utilizarea în industria auto pentru izolarea și fixarea cablurilor, oferind o protecție durabilă împotriva temperaturilor ridicate, a umidității și a zgomotului. Cu o aderență puternică, această bandă este ușor de aplicat și oferă o protecție fiabilă pentru cabluri în condiții extreme.
Notes on Flame Retardant Properties:
Flame-retardant tape is not easy to ignite or self-extinguishing from the fire. The temperature limit of the tape is 221℉/105°C. Please do not use a lighter to burn all the time. The flame temperature outside the lighter reaches 280°C, which exceeds the maximum temperature.Flame retardant≠fireproof! The average cabin temperature is about 70°C, so you can use it with confidence.
Designed for insulating industrial harness and electrical wires from physical damage caused by friction, and other physical maintenances. This thin cotton material also ensures no nasty residue and provides good surface texture with flexibility
Excellent flexibility, waterproof, flame retardant and electric insulation. It can be torn by hand and easy to operate. Suitable for the use of internal wiring harness of automobiles and can reduce the noise
Polyester non-woven fabric as the base material, coated with high peel strength solvent-free rubber pressure sensitive adhesive, no solvent residue, corrosion resistance
Black wiring harness tape in 5 different widths including 9mm,15mm,19mm,25mm,32m. Each roll is 15m in length. Suitable for wiring harnesses in the noise reduction parts of automobiles. Such as instrument panel wiring harness and main wiring harness winding
Ideal for all wiring projects and repairs including spliced wires, wire bundling, cable insulation, circuits and anything you want to stick together or insulate
Product Name: Electrical Tape
Width (Optional): 3.2/3.5/5.9/7.5in // 8/9/15/19mm
Length (Optional): 590.6/787.4in // 15/20M
Material: Polyester, Rubber
Characteristic: Waterproof, Flame Retardant, Electric Insulation
Package Included:
1/2/3/4PCS (Optional) Electrical Tape

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Greutate 0.2 kg
Dimensiuni 8 × 8 × 3 cm


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