Autocom Delphi 2020.23 software + Activator

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2020.23 software + Activator + keygen

AUTOCOM DELPHI 2020.23 Software for Cars and Trucks

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1.This native version 2020.23 comes with a keygen

2.The PC time must be set back to 13/12/2021 when making 2020.23 software installation and keygen activation

After everything works , PC time can be set correctly.

3.The keygen is unlimited to different PC as long as each PC time is set to 13/12/2021

2020.23 Introduction :

The latest version 2020.23 with keygen, completely restores the real version. not support VMWARE.

It is very powerful and it supports cars/trucks up to 2020

Our software has full protocols up to date.

1.It is totally new software, not the old 2013-2017 release.

2.It contains recent cars & trucks which are fully working, functionality is 99,99% as in the original program.

3.You will be able to do diagnostics and coding for most cars up to date.

4.It works only on new vci (6 digit serial like 100251 clones or any serial number), it does not work on old ones (30250 clone)

5.Both cars and trucks contained in one single installation.

6.Fixed ISS bug. ISS (automatic system scan) works in this version.

7.You will never have to turn off internet while using the program.

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